Our Working Covenant

   We covenant to be a welcoming community of God's people
   --       Drawn together by our common faith in Jesus the Christ
   --       Sustained by God's grace and love
   --       Committed to a personal search for God.

   We covenant to be a learning community of faith
   --       Young and old
   --       That seeks to understand the roots of our heritage,
            the guides from other traditions and
            the emerging truth from our present experience.

   We covenant to be a supporting church family
   --       To nourish each other
   --       To listen and respond to each other's needs
   --       To share our resources, talents and skills
   --       To celebrate the richness of our church family and
            of the gifts of God to us.

   We covenant to be open and affirming
   --       Of ourselves as God accepts us,
   --       Of our sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression
   --       Of our different physical, mental and emotional abilities.
   --       Of our race or ethnicity
   --       Of our economic status   
   --       Of our ordinariness and uniqueness,
            in our personal struggles to find God.
   --      Of all people as God accepts us all

  We covenant to be good stewards of God's creation
   --       Healers and anointers of Christ's body, the earth and all life
   --       Caretakers of our body, mind and spirit
   --       Tithers of our time, talent and treasure
   --       Proclaimers of God's care and love by
            witnessing in the community
   --       Actors toward justice and peace for all God’s people
   --      Supporters and celebrators of individual efforts no matter how small.



(Adopted November, 1978, Revised 1985, 2005, 2021)