Staff Evaluations--Office Manager

Prospect members and friends are invited to provide feedback on this staff member's performance and goals. Please review the job responsibilities and goals, then note your comments below. Responses will be shared anonymously with the Church Board. Please respond by May 31, 2021. Thanks!


  1. Answer and respond to phone calls.
  2. Bring in the mail and be sure that items are distributed and handled appropriately.
  3. Prepare worship bulletins, check calendar for announcements, email bulletin and scripture readings to liturgists.
  4. Maintain church website using “Simple Updates” content management system.
  5. Publish newsletter monthly, do layout, type and copy.
  6. Maintain name and address database on PowerChurch.
  7. Type and copy as needed: church letters, materials for committees when requested.
  8. Prepare church mailings as needed.
  9. Check and order supplies within budget allocations.
  10. Greet and assist visitors to the church.
  11. Maintain an orderly filing system for records of church business.
  12. Maintain church calendar; schedule and coordinate use of the building and Zoom account.
  13. Attend regular staff meetings.
  14. Maintain bulletin board on stairway and in Fellowship Hall.
  15. Provide bookkeeping tasks to assist the church treasurer as needed.
  16. Post volunteer schedule of duties such as coffee hours, greeter/usher, verger in newsletter.
  17. Use PowerChurch software to create checks (or online banking) for routine bills that come to the church.  Prepare checks for mailing and deliver them to an authorized signer.
  18. Oversee maintenance of office equipment.
  19. Maintain procedure manual for functions performed by the office manager.  These written procedures will assume that the reader is familiar with the church software, or able to use the appropriate manuals.
  20. Act as liaison with building users by answering questions about rooms and rates, providing building use contracts, maintaining file of contracts, collecting building use donations, collecting and refunding deposits, communicating information from trustees to building users and vice versa, and maintaining record of keys and keybox combination.
  21. Report music usage to One License.

Karen's goals for 2021-22:

  • Continue working remotely 1 or 2 days a week;
  • Update online donation page using free upgrade from Vanco;
  • Cull obsolete files;
  • Continue providing excellent administrative and communications support to Prospect UCC.

How can the pastor, CB and congregation help meet the above responsibilities and goals?


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