Prospect United Church of Christ Vitality and Sustainability Survey

"All congregations want to thrive. A congregation (or any organization) is thriving when it achieves missional goals (vitality) and is likely to continue doing so into the future (sustainability)." (L. Bobbit, 2015) The goal of this survey is to assess the current vitality and sustainability of Prospect. 

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. Sharing your ideas on the current vitality and sustainability of Prospect will help the church decide directions for the future. 

The survey is divided into five sections. Sections one through four each address a different facet of overall congregational vitality. In these sections you will be asked to rank on a scale of 1 - 5 several qualities of our faith community. You are also provided a chance to make suggestions and share how you can help with each facet of vitality. The fifth section asks questions about the sustainability of Prospect and gives you a chance to provide ideas for future actions. Please click "submit" at the end of each section.

Please complete this survey by Monday, September 5. If you prefer to fill out a paper survey, you may pick one up outside the sanctuary or download a PDF here.

If you have any questions, please contact a member of the Church Board.


Section 1: Community Vitality


Community Vitality refers to how a congregation exhibits vitality through its connections to and relationships with its surrounding community. It includes how the congregation addresses issues of concern for the greater community and how well it works with other faith communities. Outreach and growth would be part of community vitality.


Section 2: Internal Relational Vitality


Internal Relational Vitality refers to how a congregation exhibits vitality through member connections and relationships with each other. Congregational care and fellowship activities would be examples of this facet of vitality. 


Section 3: Organizational Vitality


Organizational Vitality refers to how a congregation exhibits vitality through its internal structure and processes. This facet of vitality includes the "nuts and bolts" of being a faith community, including leadership and management style and decisions. Many issues of organizational vitality are handled by our Church Board.


Section 4: Spiritual Vitality


Spiritual Vitality refers to how a congregation exhibits vitality through its relationship to God and its spiritual practices. This facet of vitality includes worship style and other opportunities for the members to experience, strengthen, and stretch their personal spirituality. Worship and spiritual formation ministry would be involved in spiritual vitality.


Section 5: Sustainability


Two things are necessary for any organization to be sustainable: People power and financial resources. 'This section asks you to rate Prospect’s sustainability and provides spaces for you to provide suggestions and ask questions about sustainability.